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This sounds so cool, Ben. Wish I could've been there. If there's anybody that knows how to engineer an experience, it's you. Great work!

kyle we could've used ur talents! next one - you're in.

Very cool, love the idea

Absolutely brilliant! Wish I were there for that!!

WOW!!! What else is there to say?

Awesome! What a great event!

Deal. Count me in, friend.

Sounds awesome!

Ben never cease to amaze me. You continue to one-up yourself.

This is definitely one of those ideas that can be licensed out throughout other cities in the US so that people everywhere can be a part of it.

Awesome job!

Hmm..i think Portland could use something like this. Another reason to pay Portland, OR a visit.:)

I LOVE creating expiences! What an incredible idea. Thanks!

That is so cool.

Wow, sounds great Ben!
I'd love to hear more about the details of the event!

I love the idea of the whole experience with film. You engage the whole bit, and it's not a passive diversion.

Love this creative thinking, too. I hope meet at the movie goes "viral" ...or's
Time to brand and multiply this puppy, Ben!

Love it. Our family saw both "Rear Window" and "North By Northwest" in theaters this summer. One was in a restored classic theater that had popcorn for a dollar, included a souvenir ticket and added an introduction by an older gentleman who shared trivia, background and info about the movie before it started. The other theater, Cinemark, simply showed the movie. The first experience was far more fun and memorable.

I can only imagine the response of the people who were a part of "Meet At The Movie." Did you receive reviews from those who were there?

johnny love that. check out for the reviews

Ben, this event looked fantastic! I'm sorry I was not a part of it. I still have hopes to collaborate with you on some event -- sooner than later.


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