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Read the book earlier this year and really loved it too.

I think it has a lot of practical applications for the business world and church world.

You pointed out many of the things I liked in the book. But as you said there definitely is a TON more in the book that will really make people think.

I was really intrigued by his statement, "You're probably the only person on this planet who connects those groups of people together. If a message were to pass from one group to the other, it would have to pass through you." (This is in reference to each of us uniquely connecting multiple groups together.)

Love that. A few things I would have loved to have seen the book include:

1. A recommended solution for organizations besides Facebook

2. More thoughts on reaching followers versus early adopters

Yeah, those would've been good. Don't know if you Paul's story.

1. He was one of the main influencers that helped come up with/launch Google+ and was instrumental in it's "circling" people ideas.
2. He left Google for Facebook.
3. He had a book in the works based on what he learned from being with Google and coming up with ideas for Google+.
4. Google wouldn't let him publish it.
5. He had to tweak and rewrite the book and it became "Grouped."

Anyway, that MIGHT be one of the reasons why he mainly focused on Facebook and not other social media sites.

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