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Well said, Ben. Hugely important for us to always remember. Good insight!

Boom - this is why I love this blog.


important insight!! thanks for articulating it.

The heat was just brought...

Eh..Kind of.

Best line is the last. "It should give us pause to consider what other tools we're missing."

Since I've followed along for a long time, I know where you're coming from on this. But I'm not sure we can really separate the "reachers" and the "teachers" in that Pastor mix so easily.

The examples you gave are great examples of one's experience and outlook more than one's gifting, I think.

In some instances in Scripture, "calling" trumps "gifting" because the "gifting" follows the obedience. (I've written about this on my site, recently.)

Anyway, as you know, I love your ministry and blog and appreciate the way you challenge us along the way.

But I just thought I'd toss out a little push back on a grumpy Tuesday. :)

I don't understand the kids taking their dads to bars reference, maybe I'm slow :-)

I love this though and I makes me think, which is always know, since we're all connected :-) (connectedness is one of my strengths according to Strength Finders)

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