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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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So true, thanks for sharing Ben! If we can remember to see the common humanity in each of us, it's a little easier to keep from getting caught up in that. But I admit it is an automatic reflex to respond to people based on where we perceive them in the social pecking order.

Wow. Like a ton of bricks! That's all I can say.

That is a very interesting concept to chew on. Thanks Ben.

This is such an interesting perspective. I have a feeling that I may be in one of those EXACT same situations right now. Thanks for brining this to my attention, because I might have otherwise never given it a second thought.

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