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This is a great nugget of wisdom Ben. Thanks man.

I agree that one nail pierces the skin and the one on one's are absolutely crucial and effective. I think saying that "every time you try to lead with a mass email or a group conversation or a sermon, you aren't leading" is a slight exaggeration. If one uses these as a replacement for the "one nail", then I agree that it's not effective leadership and a poor substitute for the hard, time consuming work of the "one nail". I've been in group conversations and heard sermons that pierced deeply and have changed the trajectory of my life.

to point out the greater irony Josh, i communicated this through a blog post. guilty as charged.


Great image, Ben. I know you live this out so your words carry more weight. Thanks man.

Love the image! Applies to making disciples vs. preaching. "Oh, this message is for _____." Instead of "Oh, this is for me."

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