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well said.

You do what unknown rappers do.

You call out the big dogs.

You craft that verse till its perfect, drop Jay-Z's name in the middle, and pray and pray that he responds.

Because as soon as he says your name...


Best clarification of long-tail thinking I've heard. The long tail isn't a graveyard for everyone/everything... but something must die there... delusions of grandeur maybe?

elliott that. is. hilarious =)

thanks sam and chris!

Great post, Ben! And I love the image you pulled in. The pile of bodies definitely describes what it feels like to be in the long tail.

That is a great list of responses.

Elliott: I think that's what Christian bloggers are doing when they write their rants against Rob Bell and Ed Young.

better still, how do you find the meritocracies before they become institutionalized and skip the long tail all together?

right. wouldn't that be nice.

I've been blogging since 2005 and I've seen so many blogs die! Some needed to for sure, some just got tired I think.

I think the strong survive, the determined, and the ones who just know they found something they love to do, like me, I love blogging, that's why I keep on trucking!

I feel sad for the desperate ones. The people who will say or do anything to build a platform, make a name for themselves. In the words of Super Troopers, "Desperation is a stinky smelling cologne".

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