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Good stuff, Ben. I think this is especially true in the offline world. Online, people often expect a certain degree of "you are a number to us"... But offline, we feel as though we are paying more for the fact that we get to interact with humans. So the lack of human interaction comes across not just as unpleasant, but as a breaking of the agreement.

Well said. I'm a big systems and process guy. It gives me the confidence I need to serve my customers well and to be present for them, instead of mentally worrying about what comes next. But I do agree with your point that often these regular ways of doing things don't directly benefit the client and should only be visible when necessary.

Also, side note: armadillos carry leprosy.

Noted. Thanks Ben :)

haha don't mean to hate on the armadillos

It depends on who your working with. Some clients appreciate a rigid process, especially if they're paying tens of thousands of dollars for a website or $6k a month on marketing services. It gives them confidence and peace of mind.

Have an endoskeleton or exoskeleton can be the wrong or right choice, just depends on the client.

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