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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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- getting told by a very senior saint that 'one day you'll be a mighty preacher' roughly 12 hours after I responded to the gospel and told my church how grateful I was for them
- not getting accepted in the education Masters program at the University of Florida that I had set my sights on for 3+ years (I relented to the call to vocational ministry and got hired by a church 3 weeks later)
- meeting Randy Singer - his daughter and my sister did a year-long mission project in Lebanon and their family lived barely 10 miles from ours in Georgia. 4 years and many dreams after we met, I went with him to start Trinity in Virginia Beach
- starting a high school bible study/discussion/argument with referees in a coffee shop in Buford, GA. Birthed a yet-to-see-happen dream of starting a coffee shop as a place for the community to encounter the Gospel
- hearing John Ortberg teach on 'shadow missions' (it's easy to see when someone is 180 degrees from where they are supposed to be; it's imperceptible - and therefore far more dangerous - when it's only 2 degrees). That lesson changed my heart for ministering radically and for ever
- Skype-ing with my old friend Bethany Edwards around Thanksgiving 2008. Next Tuesday we'll celebrate our 2nd year of marriage

Loved reading this. It's been such an amazing thing to trace my dream--being asked to speak at an end of summer banquet way before speaking was on the radar, taking a storytelling class because it was the only elective that fit my schedule, getting to plan all the elements of an entire worship service and making it all tie together. God's hand has orchestrated all of it, and what I've done makes so much sense in light of what I'm doing. Only God could so perfectly weave it all together. :)

One of mine was in my first church job with a guy who produced an event with a 30 foot video screen :)

Loved reading this Ben. Especially the beginning about King's Kids. Every time you share about that time in history it brings back so many great memories.

Robb our timelines certainly crossed =)

And hey Linda! I actually forgot the name of it =)

• There was a moment in 3rd grade when I realized I could draw better than most of my friends.

• In high school I discovered something called "commercial art" (now it's called graphic design). You mean I can get paid to do something I love?! Sign me up!

• In 2003, I remembered how much I enjoyed doing design, and decided to pursue it again. 8 months later I was hired at MY CHURCH to do design.

• Then there was the time this guy commented on my blog and said he'd been following my work online for 2 years, and asked if we could talk :)

• Then, last November, I became "the boss", and it's changing the way I look at what we do.

Mitch your timeline is just beginning =)

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