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I'd love to hear more about the inflections you're hearing. Can you give any specific examples? (Examples of the podcast preachers' inflections, not the guys who should branch out and listen more widely.) :)

As a young American pastor who listens to a lot of preachers from the UK (specifically St. Helen's Bishopgate), I'm mortified that one day I'll ask the congregation to turn to "One Timothy" instead of "First Timothy".

i'm not naming names! =) but i think you can imagine it

okay, so, not trying to be a hater and definitely not claiming invisible children haven't done good things. but i must be honest, i can't say i haven't rolled my eyes at people gushing about this whole deal on twitter/facebook/etc.

i live in uganda and know a ton of people who live and work in gulu. it is a significantly different place than it was when a lot of the footage you see was taken. mad props to IV for what they have done, but in my humble opinion they have worked themselves out of a job. praise God! right? or, keep making videos with lots of heart wrenching propaganda to keep your cause relevant.

i don't agree with everything this dude says, but it's worth a read to see a different side, strange that i posted this link twice on Facebook and they have blocked the page....

Rosalie, i have tremendous respect for your opinion, especially as someone who lives in Uganda, not LA, so thanks for commenting.

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