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Ben - this is so spot on. I've been learning this very thing about myself recently. I'm trying to open up and allow feedback into my life. Like you, I ultimately don't want to be right or simply feel liked, I want to be effective for God's Kingdom.

Good point... even if it's not 'fun' to hear some things about ourselves, it truly is priceless, if we can listen.

And yet, it's the truth we don't want to hear that's the key to our breakthrough.

Good stuff, as usual.

Great post, B. It's far too easy to discredit the messenger in a desire to be right. Glad you value and speak to a different way of leading that leaves space for honesty from those who support you. Can't wait for all your great ideas to converge at STORY.

Powerful, my friend!

BTW: it has been said that the number #1 addiction of the human condition is having to be "right."

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