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Good thoughts, Ben.

I'd argue that there are two types of design versus two types of designers.

Ideally a singular designer could execute both forms.

The reality is most can't. So to your point, its crucial to know which form the designer you choose works and excels in.

Good point Elliott. That seems hinted at here, but it should be explicitly stated. Look at the designer's work to know that he/she will be able to provide what you want.

...from two of my favorite designers


thanks guys

We have a new brand launching in a couple of weeks. Cannot wait to share!
The designers were awesome.
They showed us to think at an entirely different level. They made us ask, "what do we want our customers to see?"
For Nike, it is "everyone is an athlete." That is not their tagline but influences their brand. So, a vital point with both layout and layering is finding someone who will listen and observe you and your audience(s).

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