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The ownership and power behind "regular" folks becoming studio chiefs is very cool. But how does it become $$ for me to be a better studio chief.

I think, if you'd articulate that, people would take the risk to attach their name to a product they largely don't know.

Ben, that would be a cool story but it's just not practically nor realistically true.

Using industry data, the MPAA suggests that there are about 600 movies made per year. Using your friend's graphic, that would mean there were about 600,000 scripts purchased and 600,000,000 scripts written. Although I wouldn't doubt there are 600k scripts ini Hollywood (everyone has a script in their pocket), the data is just not real.

I used to work in Hollywood reading scripts for a major studio. The number of purchased screenplays is probably about 30 to 1.

But all that aside, I've hoped and dreamed for private distribution to finally make it's way here.

Jonathan... "my friend"? It's Ed Saxon, the producer of Silence of the Lambs, Adaptation, Philadelphia, That Thing You Do, etc... I think he was making a point of how hard it is to get script turned into movies.

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