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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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Designer - Clint Walkingstick

Ben, check out the guys from After Edmund. They are immensely talented and largely over looked. Grammy nominated Indie/Rock band from Georgia.

Ben, my buddy Jake Klein just moved to VB to attend Regent.
He's an aspiring filmmaker and also an incredible guitarist.
Here's a music video he made last year.

Get up with him on fb:

I work with an amazing man - immensely humorous - Nic(olas) Carver:!/nicolascarver

My friend and neighbor Bob Jackson left the ministry years ago as Brian McLaren's associate pastor to pursue his dream of being an artist. He now has gallery shows in Boston and NYC.

A great friend who is a phenomenal actor. He toured around in a drama group called 'The Road' and now lives in Las Vegas performing in some occasional shows.

His name is Brent Roberts and here is his Facebook profile...

Great photographer who is also transitioning to cinematography (just released his first documentary, won a bunch of awards, played on PBS, etc.):

A great band full of great guys (and one girl):

Capture Studios (Video)

Nick Brue (Designer)

& there are plenty more here in Minneapolis. Come visit!

We need someone to develop a networking site like Linkedin, but for creatives. Would be nice when we need talent or a crew to know who's available or nearby...

Jeff Fazakerley - has acted in Regent University plays and on TV.

Brilliant comedic and dramatic actor!

Hey Ben check out an amazing group of teenagers and young adults from Brooklyn NY they are C3 University from Christian Cultural Center. or you can find them on iTunes C3YA or check them out on youtube!!

Jeff Miller, I think he actually goes to my church when not touring but he is always touring. Saw him play at church once and his music just stood out. He is a one man band. Uses his hands and feet to create the other vocals and loops it.

I have a friend who is a young talented filmmaker with his own studio and has done work for some big names. His name is Brandon Wasserburger, and his site is

thanks so much for this! will go over them one by one this weekend

Rustin Hamilton is one of the best producer/directors I know. We are using him for 2 shoots this week. He has a great servants heart too.


Filmmaker Chris Weatherly
(creative director at


A friend in Little Rock AR, Nolan Dean is a fantastic independent filmmaker. Check him out


thanks much, checking all of these folks out...

my sister-in-law is a great and experienced actress in LA

Hey. ME! composer/impresario:

My friend Josh Wingfield:

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