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I'd love to read more on Jonny Ive. That dude is brilliant.

Great summary, Ben. I'm 3/4 of the way through the bio right now, and I'm amazed by how one man could be so brilliant and so terrible at the same time. Incredible stuff.

Jonny Ive is the visionary successor to Steve. I caught onto that after watching him talk about the unibody MBP and his portion of the documentary Objectified. Between him and Tim Cook, I think Apple with do well for a while.

Thanks for the thoughts Ben, it compels me to read the bio.

I am working on a blog post on the value of unity. In my work with churches I find many argue over the unimportant. They are like a race team that argues over quality of the wood their boat is made of, when the more pressing matter is that not everyone is rowing the same direction.

Great thoughts on the book. I was a little disappointed in the book as I thought there might be "another side" to some of the things I heard about Steve.

My impression is Steve was just a very sad man who helped create great products by treating others poorly.

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