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Differentiation without a difference. I've met very pushy facilitators and very helpful sales people.

Honesty, service & care are characteristics of fantastic "facilitator" or "sales people."

Its what goes on underneath the job title that makes the difference.

Is this Seth Godin's blog?

Agreed. I haven't had to "sell" business in the 10 years that I have been in business. Demand, in my case, is created by doing good work and people telling others. Guess that is, in part, why my own marketing (like my website) stinks. Been no need for self promotion when the work speaks louder.

Nice.....! Very insightful and as alluded to above very "Seth Godinian" ;-)

Ben, I disagree. I think marketing is finding out what the market wants/needs and sales is connecting a product/service that best meets that pre-determined want/need. BTW, it's usually a co-dependent relationship.

that's an admirable view of sales, tim

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