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I think a web-based directory that allows portfolios (like the new Behance 99% portfolios) would be fantastic. Allow each creative's space to allow 5 tags so people can sort various ways (artist, painter, writer, screenwriter, musician, etc). Use tags and interests to "recommend" connections they should make. And some kind of dynamic twitter feed on the right side that feeds only content of those you've filtered. Sort of a tribe with a vibe thing.

I would think of a forum format where each thread would start with the original creative piece, and feedback, crosslinks, etc., would follow.

great feedback, thank you... keep it coming if you have ideas.

check out it is alot of what you are talking about. It could make a good model or jump point for what you are wanting to do. Or maybe you could partner with them to host what you are looking for.

My initial thought was similar to Larry's. People tagging themselves by interests, and recommending connections.

These could easily lead to flash meet-ups based on some of those tags in something similar to the festival environs with special guests who can talk, encourage or just answer questions.

I have a friend that I'm really pushing to come next year. He's a care pastor, but discovering a love for film and filmmaking. I imagine him getting a message inviting him to a meet-up with others who are involved or discovering filmmaking.

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