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bon iver - calgary
imogen heap - propellor seeds
snow patrol - called out in the dark
death cab - unobstructed views

also, from the little bit I've heard (and if you must include some faith based stuff) i bet some of the stuff off the new gungor would fit in well
Even though it's not out, I bet Stephen Proctor can hook you up with it.

Just about anything from Wovenhand. If his music does not seem epic ethereal, then nothing is...check out his myspace page and take a listen.

Golden Porsche, Mogwai:

Anything off this album (Svefn-G-Englar, Staralfur and Gerdur are gold):

Suð Í Eyrum, by Sigur Ros:

An Ending (Ascent), Brian Eno:

Leather Wings, This Will Destroy You:

The Mighty Rio Grande, This Will Destroy You:

Hand Covers Bruise, The Social Network Soundtrack, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross:

Chemicals Collide, Cloud Cult:

No One Said It Would Be Easy, Cloud Cult:

Doorways, Radical Face:

"Vesuvius" by Sufjan Stevens
"The Transfiguration" by Sufjan Stevens
"I Only Dream of Places Now" by My Double, My Brother
"Like a Song" by Lenka
"For Emma" by Bon Iver
"Wake Up" by Arcade Fire

love it! thanx for all this...

Ben, breaking the mold and tossing in some hiphop.

Here are my 3 picks. Enjoy.

The Brilliance "Breathe" (Michael Gungor's Brother I think)

"The Adventure" by Angels & Airwaves

Coldplays Newest "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall"

Cosmic Love by Florence & The Machine

Animal Arithmetic by Jonsi

I think that the feel and lyrical content of "Currents" by The La De Les seems to be strangely perfect for what you have described:

You also might like "Two Servants" and "Cure in the Mountains."

I've only got one suggestion, "Meet Me In The Basement" by Broken Social Scene, it's an instrumental track, but I love the energy of this song. It's definitely a creative spark for me a lot of times and gets my imagination running!

I actually found a cool piece today by Bela Fleck that has a really cool sound. Of course, it's an instrumental. It's called "Waves". You can even access a free download of it at

Another possibility is Seryn's "We Will All Be Changed".

Oh oh oh!! Tomorrow Never Knows from the Sucker Punch Soundtrack. Great stuff on there.

love it love it... thanks.

You must listen to Celeste Lear's "Light Through the Branches." So good.

Sent you a mix... here's a peek, with stars by the "if I had to pic three":

***"Draw the Stars" by Andreya Triana
"Carmella (Four Tet Remix)" by Beth Orton
"Rytm to Niesmiertelnosc II" by Jacaszek
"Space" by MIA
"Aquarium" by Nosaj Thing
***"Asha" by Pantha du Prince
***"Secret Things" by Seven Saturdays
"Send and Recieve" by Tycho
"Intro" by the XX
"Optimist" by Zoe Keating
"Lake Yarina" by Josh Garrels

Check out:

Washed Out
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Nightmare
Explosions In The Sky
The XX
Bjork has a new album tomorrow
Bon Iver
Lykki Li

A band called Songs of Water. One of John Mark McMillan's favorite bands

What? No one mentioned Munchener Freiheit? Boom!

Check out "Where Is My Mind" from the Sucker Punch soundtrack. You might like it!

you guys are seriously helping a brother out. this is awesome.

La De Les - for sure!

Mmaida Vale, current favorite band.
'Walk Resurrection'
'Judgement Day'


On the quiet side
Zoe Keating, William Ackerman, Sigur Rós, ORIGEN, McKenzie Stubbert, Jean Michel Jarre

A bit more active/spirit
E.S. Posthumus, Psapp - Marshrat, Muse - Knights Of Cydonia, Tron Legacy Theme (John Roman Remix), Prometheus Rising - Trailer Head, Preliator - Globus, Cliffs Of Dover - Eric Johnson, Pulstar - Vangellis,

Anywho. slightly outside the box.

Freelance Whales - Vessels (

Also, anything from a World of Warcraft soundtrack is guaranteed to be epic (don't judge me). The samples really don't do the songs justice!(

Elbow: One Day Like This

"Life In The Wind" - POPCULT
"Ships on the Ocean Floor" - The Autumn Film
"Ocean Blue" - The Autumn Film
"Mono No Aware" - Hammock
"Breathturn" - Hammock
"Atlantique Nord" - Yann Tiersen
"Go Do" - Jonsi
"Grow Till Tall" - Jonsi
"A Community Service Announcement" - Jonathan Boulet
Lowercase Noises - for slow ambient stuff
"Kings & Queens" - 30 Seconds To Mars

the collective knowledge here is incredible... wow

alice - avril lavigne

well, not sure if someone's suggested this but believe it or not Maroon 5's version of
1. "PURE IMAGINATION" (yes, the willy wonka song) is AWESOME. we used it once for a "monopoly of the imagination" series we did here in Charlotte and it was great set to video.

there are 2 songs from the soundtrack from LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA film just completely move me:
2."Pienso En Ti" and then also the track
3. "LOVE". Antonio Pinto did the tracks and they're unreal. (both from that movie soundtrack) etheral. amazing.
and then, the best song ever:
4. "Hide And Seek" (Imogen Heap)
5. "Embarkation" - Josh Garrels
6. "The Resistance" - Josh Garrels
7. "We Work The Black Seam" - Sting (Symphonicities version)
8. "o saya" M.I.A. - very epic!!!
10.chaiyya chaiyaa" - Inside Man soundtrack
11. "Lost" - coldplay w/ Jay-Z (everyone loves this song : )

taryn that's awesome, thanks

Here's my epic playlist:

and here's my ethereal playlist:


Tragic Inevitability - Lalah Hathaway

Listen to Earth's Creation, The First Garden, Voyage To India, Same Old Story, Ai No Sono, Seasons, Ecclesiastes, The Secret Life of Plants, Tree, and Finale from Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants Vol. 1 & 2 by Stevie Wonder

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