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Backstory Conference launching soon? :D

The backstory stuff is brilliant ben.

I just wrote two pages worth of thoughts on that.
That just connected a lot for me. Thanks for sharing that today.

I love seeing Barton out of his natural element and thrown into live production settings (his 1st love).
When he VJ'd the hologram at STORY last year, he did things I never would have thought about, and it's influenced my approach to say the least.
I can't wait to see what he does with IMAG (something I'm not usually a fan of).

kyle i love that it inspired you!

and me too stephen... hate the imag. =) this year, we turned the the imag into a bhag

Ben, your thoughts on Backstory vs. Story made me think of one thing: LOST.

No television show has ever made better use of the story vs. back story dynamic.

The stories on their own were great, but seen through the lens of the back stories they were telling (very creatively, i might add) they became compelling.

oh how i miss it.

I was thinking movies but ur right - serial plot tv shows rock at that

my helluva-backstory better make for a damn good story someday. just sayin.

it will.


these 4 point make me super duper happy

Story is interesting. Backstory is fascinating.

Story: A husband and wife raise a young boy into adulthood. They watch him graduate and tearfully bid him farewell at the train station as he goes off to college.

Backstory: They stole him as a baby.

Halfway through a screenplay for a familiar story that is loaded with fascinating backstory.

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