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I've decided to tak you up on that challenge Ben. Thanks!

I really can't stand you this morning.
.. but I'm in!

I've participated in a fantasy football league with some great friends for the past 5 years. It consumes an embarrassing amount of my time.

This morning as I was thinking about our draft later this week I was reminded of your annual football fast, and thought: "Maybe I should give it up this year and leverage that time to pursue some things that matter more."

An hour later you post this blog.


Those stats are shocking.

i cannot believe i'm not getting scorned yet. =)

i gave up going to conferences, i use that time to pursue my dream. :)

I'm considering the challenge this year, Ben!

And ... the cheerleaders MUST get more than 3 seconds, right? :)

I don't buy WSJ's figures so this year I'm going to watch football every weekend and do my own statistical research. :) I will however give up watching anything on HGTV or the Food network in pursuit of my dream.

All kidding a side -- I love the heart in this Ben because my guess is that most great leaders, visionaries, creators, etc had to sacrifice one "good" for a greater one.

haha that's good jason. and yes the issue is sacrificial substitution, not football...

Love it, Ben! During the late fall of 2010 it was a challenge I lived out. Creating and Designing a course (over the weekends) for a university class I was to teach the following spring. Initially it was an irritant, working through the withdrawal of breaking a created behavior (i.e. sitting and watching football). Well worth the time!

I just DVR the game fast forward and they look like keystone cops and just stop for good plays. I can get through a game in 45 min. and I feel that's the best of both worlds. ;-)

I commented on one of the previous football posts that football (playing, not watching) is a connection for me with unchurched folks. You asked me for results, I believe.

Last year I became friends with a couple of the guys who play. They're 20-21 and like most guys that age need guidance. They haven't "come to Jesus" but they're definitely seeking and the one just messaged me the other day to get together again over lunch to talk as his grandmother just died.

I can't imagine that happening watching games because I'm too distracted but playing has been great for connecting with others which isn't a strength of mine. Watching games does help start conversations though :)

I think you only got scorned because people felt like it more of an indictment than a challenge. This post doesn't have that feel. Both are probably needed though.

awesome nick... i remember that challenge i issued to you. in this case, i'm glad you bested me

I usually combine football with my life's dream of having the laundry folded for the week. Ambitious, I know!

april this is dream incubation season for u. be expectant!

DVR = 1 hour game

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