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Great post Ben. Many people (myself at times as well) also think that if you pay people to work for you, that it means they are loyal to your tribe (cause/goal/organization/idea). But that is often not a true sincere tribe either. A determining characteristic of a person who is truly committed to the tribe (cause/goal/organization/idea) is behavior based on what they will DO FOR the the tribe for free, rather than what they will GET FROM the tribe for free. A true tribe committed to a goal regardless of the cost is a rare thing of beauty and power. I only know of a few...

that is seriously good stuff. very well said.

Love this!

I'm in :)

Well said. I just wrote a post in this direction about Followers vs Fans. Maybe I should have includes "Friends" too since friends are even more relational than followers.

Social Media sort of has a lot of people consumed by the numbers. Instead of building something they are okay with collecting fans.

I see both sides.

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