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...this is why the Aragorn Project will only have 12 men!

So true. I'm reading THE WISDOM OF STABILITY right now. Spot on this idea.

What a great post, Ben. I crave those deeper relationships. I'm looking forward to adding a face-to-face element to a few of my closer online friendships at STORY this year.

This is beautiful and challenging, Ben. It makes me all the more thankful for my "few guys in a garage" and makes me want to be all the more intentional with investing in those friendships.

"history clearly shows that it's always just a few guys in a garage, dreaming, toiling, and praying together, who change the world"


I just shared this post on twitter, doh!

Great post Ben! Here is my problem...I am passionate about the things of God and where I live those other guys that I want to grow deeper with who aren't even on twitter, etc. want to live "twitter-type" lives. There deepness is only with their wife and kids. I would love to develop deep Christian relationships. For me, twitter is a way to see others passion for ministry, creativity, and Jesus (not in that order). :-)

Thank you for posting this and seeing that I'm not the only 20-something that feels this way. I've been a big advocate of real relationships yet struggle to find them because we can't focus on a relationship for ore than 140 characters. We need to grow deeper, yet I feel most people try to stay so actively busy and live within the box of "virtual" relationships instead of actual relationships.

This is great stuff. I have been working towards creating an "inklings" group with some creative people in the area.

Wow!!!!!!!! Great stuff. What a good reminder thank you!

Wow. Thanks for this. Time to reevaluate.

one of my goals this year has been to dive deeper into marriage, our kids, work, and to minimalize and develop and cutout some of the's been easier envisioned than executed. But I'm working on it.

glad this resonated. i woke up yesterday realizing how few deep personal friendships i have considering how most of my time is consumed by online relationships

I completely agree. Even with 140 character friendships we don't often comment or interact with those we follow or read.

you worded this so so well, ben. i find myself using the word "friend" more often than i ever have in my life... but if i'm honest, how many of them are really friends? i want to go deep... not wide...

Wow. Friendship has been on my mind a lot--being intentional and singleing out freinds I want to go deeper with. Brilliant post.

100% agree. Very well said. I think it has a lot to do with intent and perspective though. For me, I'm not trying to let online take the place of offline but rather find a way to have the two better coexist (because they do these days). I've become increasingly intentional about making sure I guard and invest in my offline relationships even more. That's the key, to me... being intentional.

Online has served as a sort of funnel too as there are several who I have met online (via Twitter mostly) that have turned into great friends... people who I have offline conversations with a lot... people who are even becoming great offline friends.

Great point. A little difficult to put into perspective as I
am so used to hearing a lot of emphasis on building a platform. Would like to see this idea developed more over time...which I guess is the point in the first place.

Those kind of friendships are still alive and well.

I appreciate this. It is often the case that great dreams are borne of deep friendships. I know I would not be the person I am without the love and companionship of a handful of close friends, who were willing to listen to my ideas and challenge me to sharpen them, as well as pushing me to see that those ideas move from the abstract to the concrete, showing up in my life.

I have some great friends that I made before the days of online relationships and now I try to make a point to keep coffee dates or dinner dates with those friends so they don't get lost in the world of online contact. It's necessary to me.

I greatly appreciate this and it cements my position to not join Twitter: I'm launching my first self-pub novel in October and will create a Facebook account, website, and author blog to help market it, but I've never been very comfortable with Twitter; it always seemed too much too fast to me. I'm sure it can be helpful to some degree, but it's just not my thing.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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