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I love the Roku. People talk Apple TV, but Roku has a lot more content available and offers more options. I'd go for the $99 version simply because it has the USB option for playing your own content. I am still trying to convince my wife to drop cable entirely and just use these little boxes.

I absolutely recommend the Roku! We have the $99 version. Dropped cable. Consume most media via Netflix and Hulu+. It is phenomenal. There are things it can't do (movies on Netflix not available for streaming and shows on Hulu not available for devices) but what it does ends up covering 90% of our TV consumption...

Yeah, so the first time I comment here, and with all of the insight from this post, I'm commenting to express my love for Roku. At least I'm not alone.

Buy it; get Hulu+ and Netflix. Swear a bit every time you find out your Netflix selection is only available on DVD. But hey, it beats paying for cable. Plus you can watch on your phone or iPad too.

Another +1 for Roku. Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu+, Pandora, MOG, MLB.TV, PodTV (seriously, check it out)... What's not to like?

If you're into church video, many church's have channels on Roku too (including my fave,

Plus, with an open SDK, new channels are coming all the time (or make your own!).

Definitely worth it and definitely better than AppleTV.

We really enjoy our Roku. :)

We use AppleTV in our house. Mostly because we live in the Apple ecosystem.

I've ripped my DVD library into iTunes (using Handbrake) and it's wonderful to not have to shuffle DVDs around when the kids want to watch a certain movie. It's just there and ready to play.

That's the biggest reason we went with Apple over Roku (the ability to play my own content, not just streaming).

The Netflix interface on the Apple TV is great too. Much better than the web or the Wii. AirPlay from the iPhone or iPad gives me Pandora and whatever else.

Oh yeah: Don't buy in to HuluPlus. It's more like HuluMinus (Hulu, minus all the content they're not allowed to show). Most of the shows we like to follow aren't on Hulu Plus.

Also, I can't help but comment on the bunk bed photo. I strikes me as strange that the room is so clean :) If we had that setup, it'd never look that good.

+1 on Roku... we cancelled Dish Network and use the Roku 95% of the time and my MacBook 5% of the time. Love it, love it, love it.

i'm sold. only trouble is adding cable to internet is only $10 a more per month where we live. hmmm

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