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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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Love Bellarive. Simply amazing.

Thanks Ben!

OMG! I haven't left the Bellarive site since I opened it. Thank you!

Great recommend on Bellarive!
Just announced to the staff yesterday that I'm becoming a church planter :) Freaked out and excited! Using "Church in the Making" with the team, to start us off dreaming and planning.
Any other recommends, shoot them my way!

My next goal in life is to introduce Bellarive to the "coffee curator" & have him roast a blend that matches their music & experience.

Have you gotten to play with the 3DS yet? You need to swing by Nashville anad I'll let you borrow mine!

Hobbit love hobbit love!!!!

So, if you'll be in PA does that mean you will be in the Lancaster area?

Adam, i grew up in Lititz, attended Lititz Christian and Warwick HS

Ben, that's cool. I actually work at at church down the road from Lititz called LCBC. Lancaster is a great area. I know you'll be on vacation but if you are ever in the area and have a free night I'd love to connect with you. Hope you have a great time next week!

very cool adam. i attended a christmas eve service at your church several years ago - great experience. would love to say hi on an upcoming trip. i'll be back for sure =)

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