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Thats freaking crush!

Dang! That. Was. Money. I've never seen seen a conference video that made me want to go lift weights.

1. That's a lot of stone-washed jeans.

2. The minute he said, "It's time we act like brothers, not sisters in a catfight" and then went on to emphasize brothers, he kinda lost me. Are sisters invited into the elephant room? Or is that the only elephant in the room that's allowed to be ignored?

I felt like this was the opener to a the super bowl or something like that.


lindsay, they did tackle the question of whether women can be pastors. You can guess what the answer was...

My first reaction was similar to Lindsay, just that it has a very manly feel to it. But it's very effective! Great writing and voice acting.

I actually think the pacing of this early draft is more interesting to me. Gets you pumped up sooner.


Glad to hear it went so well, Ben. A few of these men have been instrumental in my faith in the past few years.

With the rise of social networking and meetups, it's time that the rest of us follow their example and stop being scared of the elephants in our rooms.

Thanks for making our faith relevant in a professional manner.

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