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Wow! That's some deep stuff boss. I mean wow!

Holy smokes. That 5 minute clip had my stomach in knots! I loved it. How did I miss this event? Congrats on a huge success Ben and the whole ER team.

Chandler hit the nail right on the head and Furtick deflected. From someone living in Charlotte and doing ministry in Charlotte...Chandler speaks a truth that the churches in this city need to hear. There's so much talked about when it comes to evangelism but very little talked about when it comes to discipleship. Chandler's words to Furtick were refreshing and I wish more people would say it!

U have to see the entire conversation

Can't really comment without seeing I guess I'll have to buy the box set : )

Dang! Can't wait to watch the whole event!

Thanks for posting this...wasn't sure I wanted the DVD's until I saw this. Now I wish it was here so I could stay up all night and watch.

That's absolutely INCREDIBLE! I may have to get my hands on that DVD set somehow.

This is an amazing event and I would love to have the DVDS.

Do you know how much the DVDs will be after the preorder?

i thnk they'll be the same price

Thanks for posting these videos. I love the other one with Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble, and James MacDonald talking about Culture in the Church vs. Church in the Culture.

I sincerely wish I was able to go.

This does look very interesting but I have to say, I am very disappointed there are no women in this seven. Why is that?

I think next time THAT may need to be the Elephant in the room.

Carole, let me ask you a question. =) You're on staff at Healing Place Church where they hosted All Access. There were no women on the conference line-up last week. What would your church's response be to that same question?

Excellent question Ben. I actually am not on staff though, I am a volunteer. BUT yes, there were no women, nor has there ever been, women on the speaker list for All Access BUT next year there are two :-) Christine Cain and Priscilla Shire, two of my favorites. So, that's progress and I'll always take progress :-)

Carole, the line-up of senior pastors at Elephant Room reflected the belief of Harvest Bible Chapel (and probably most of the speakers) that it is not biblical for women to serve in the office of pastor. They actually talked about this in the broadcast.

You'll be happy to know that nearly half of the speakers at STORY 2011 (which features creative practitioners, not pastors) will be women. =)

I once enjoyed @Matt Chandler but after watching this He seemed a little arrogant & a little envious. It just rubbed me the wrong way

Chandler has no reason to be envious... and like Piper I believe his mission is to glorify Christ, not himself.

Where can I buy the elephant room dvds? Can't find these products anywhere?

Me neither they aren't available on any of the sites any help would be greatly appreciated

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