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Wednesday Morning Rundown is proof that we need/value curators in our lives.
I wonder how this will effect the relationship between practitioner and producer, as the attention of curators will become more and more valuable?
And yes, widowed words are awful; sign of a sloppy writer/editor.


I couldn't agree more!

Just got back from Dubai myself and had an awesome time hanging with Salomon. We talked about STORY and told him he needs to find a way to get there.

Ben and Stephen - so u two are the reason why Salomon sent me an email saying he was to busy to talk earlier this week!!! (love that we're crossing networks on this side of the world! Boarding flight for Dubai in 6 hours :-)))

I'm digging Wednesday Morning Rundown, as well as Brewster's Friday Night Likes. Good stuff. Curation is huge.

Your Wednesday morning rundowns are appointment reading, as far as I'm concerned!

I'm so thankful I'm not the only person who can't stand widowed words. I even get a little nervous with unknown text fields, because I don't know where the actual line breaks occur. :)

I never tire of watching parkour. Here's a short one for you:

And this one is very rough-and-tumble (ghettoes of Marseilles?), but just pure creativity: An amazing fusion of gymnastics, hip-hop, wuxia, and urban boredom.

Prezi - very interesting, haven't tried it yet but have listed it among the "web-based preso softwares" for those on the road. I heard they had an HTML5 version, too.

Hoping Keynote -> MobileMe will be the ticket.

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