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live score by All the Bright Lights? Rad.
Thanks for the links to the transmedia content - looking to use some transmedia storytelling to help spread the idea of A Creative Theology.

Love 'All the Bright Lights' and can't wait to see how this all comes together.

Looking forward to sharing the 'Story' weekend with my wife and all the creative elements taking place.

Thanks bro!

glad you're coming Rob!

LOVE it!! Can't wait!! 'Twould be cool to even have the audience participate in some of that... don't just let them take in... collaborate and create! Hmm... I'll have to keep thinking on this one.

Nicely done. Always look forward to seeing the new thing that God is doing... Happy.

I love your blog!! Always encouraging!

thanks Brandie!

I'm excited to see this. I just wish videogames were represented. Maybe some day we can finally obey the great commission in this medium.

I'd love to know something: What elements of this year's STORY will be interactive? Not just interesting films and other passive media, but actually interactive.

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