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in. credible.

Ben, this is amazing. While this was loading I scrolled down and found the Ira Glass piece and called my son in to watch it with me because he's really in to video and story. He's sixteen and knew of Ira Glass but had never heard him speak. He loved that piece. By that time the Pinker video had loaded and we watched that together. It was fun to watch him enjoy stuff like this as he's growing into a very knowledgable young man. You may remember Matt Knisely introduced us in the lobby at Hotel Felix last year at the end of Story. My wife Denice Erway has enjoyed your blog for some time. I hope everything is going well.

Quite interesting! Here's a question:

How much of the emerging church has withered because so many of the leaders have tried to monetize a congregation too early (that is, they went from communal to reciprocity.) And the congregation wanted a communal relationship, and only wanted reciprocity much later?

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