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great post Ben.

i was thinking about this this morning...

great example is john mark mcmillan playing in smaller secular venues to new crowds rather than big christian concerts

Good stuff. I feel like I had to make a decision a while back as to whether I was going to start influencing people's lives or work my whole life so that people notice that I have influence in people's lives. I'm now focusing on the few that God put in my life and if anyone notices great. If no one notices, even those few, great.

I am so there....thanks for the encouragement.

So true. I imagine that those who 'buy' their influence, at the end of the day feel pretty cheap.

There's nothing like working hard, shedding a little blood, sweat, and tears and the satisfaction that it brings...

It's a battle between 'working hard' and 'instant gratification.' (in my humble opinion?!)

Thanks Ben.

A good batch (reminder) of homemade humble pie! I will reference this over and over and over again as I launch into a new community and ministry.

Thanks for sharing.

You are dead on with this. Real influence can't really be bought. It can be borrowed with money but, like you said, it's rarely the kind that lasts (if the would be influencer is simply trying to leverage someone else's influence).

man... this is so good and so timely. thanks ben!

something I've held on to for years is, "you will find, if you think for a moment, that the people who influence you are the people who believe in you." henry drummond


Great post! I was thinking today about attempting to influence many or actually influencing the few that I know I have the chance to. Thanks for the thoughts!

thanks for the feedback my friends

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