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Of course there are no direct flights from ORF to Florida.

I hate this state.

i'm lacking in florida followers anyway =(

Come on down to the MIA and I'll hook you up with a free place to stay, maybe that will persuade you to make a connection, unlike my Floridian counterpart, I love FL:) The need here is bigger than places like Nashville or Dallas, they got more Baptists than people! ;)

haha, is that miami? very compelling.

Great idea! This is at least one way to combat the psuedo-authenticity of tweeting the random details of your life to near strangers. We have to start turning this tide.

I don't suppose Missouri is on that list? That's ok, we're used to having to drive toward civilization. : )

not yet felicity =( but if you can convince enough MO friends to come out, u'll be on it in for sure =)

hoping Austin makes that list. be great to meet you.

i think it will alex, surprising how many people in austin follow. look forward to meeting u too.

So when shall I expect you in Columbus?

i'm seeing Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, so there's a chance! would love to get back to the homeland

Well, I guess I will make the drive up to Atlanta when you go there which I assume is a given. Right? :)

there's a pretty good cluster there =)

@benarment, yep MIA is Miami. But Ft. Lauderdale is only 30 mins north too. Lots of people here, maybe the strategy should be to increase your following in FL;)

If you do make it to Austin, I would love to finally meet you in person!

Perhaps you'd want to be a Digital Disciples rep, LOL. 2011 is going to be a big year for us, as we'll be focusing on launching monthly meetups in new cities.

If you're up for coming to Columbus, we'd be glad to line up a DD monthly meetup around the schedule.

Great stuff, Ben!

if you provide me with a Digital Disciples Land Cruiser for the trip, i'll promote you all over the US =)

Ben-let me know if you want to do a northwest trip and we will take care of the deets-Jim

thanks jim!

Would love to have ya in Minneapolis. There's a great creative community & nothing beats the summer time around the lakes here.

minneapolis is on the list!

Wow! I love this, Ben. Really shows your heart for connecting with people. Let me know when you're in Nashville. The coffee's on me. :)

st louis needs some love bro!
and... creative imagination and collaboration indeed.

we and by we of course selfishly i mean I... would love to hang.

Hit me up when you get to Austin

without a doubt vince

st. louis is looking better and better freddy

Looking forward to connecting in Austin, Ben!

will announce dates in a few weeks....

Brilliant! Count me in if you come through Denver

Coffee's on me when you get to Austin.

Love this!! Nashville will welcome you back anytime.

thanks Heather! =)

nashville might only welcome you back if you make it to Crema this time, though, Ben :)

This is great!!

Well done on taking the virtual and making it real! I'm definitely going to head over to Tweetake and do the same. Cheers!

Oh, and if you're heading to Australia make sure you look us up!! ;-)

haha i'm not sure 'down under' will make it...

and katie you need to become a franchisee with that passion for crema

I think there may be a direct flight into Dallas/Fort Worth, but I'll have to check... :)

I'm sure you will have a crowded schedule when you head this way but it'd be great to connect. I have some new free time on my hands...

johnny i'll be in dallas for sure - and it'll be a party / gathering, so plenty of time to connect. Excited that you're up for it. I'm setting schedules right now....

Come to Seattle! Unbelievable coffee on me!

Sign up another one for Denver.

Ben, let me know when you're in Dallas. We go down to see good friends, Matt and Dana Knisely often. Andy Wynn at People's Church and Nathan Davis (@mediapeople) are both in the Okc area. Maybe I could get them both to come to Dallas with me.

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