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Umm..need a photographer for this event?

This sounds awesome. I've enjoyed watching some of the videos from The Gospel Coalition with Pastors talking shop so this should be great.

any chance there will be a way to take part live online or expanding to more locations?

David, it's only accessible at the sites. But if you're part of a church that would like to host one, you can contact me at the email address below my photo on this blog and I can give you the scoop. thanks.

Quick, honest question, since I'm not extremely familiar with some of the seven presenters: in what way(s) do they have radically different approaches to ministry? Most of them seem to pastor large churches focused on weekend services. Are you referring to their ministry styles, or administrative techniques, or demographic focus? I'm not sure I understand.

This looks awesome! These are some of my favorite communicators and I enjoy the diversity of idea, thought, style, etc. that they bring.

Another honest question, as a person of color, who has attended predominantly mixed or more Caucasian churches, I have a growing awareness that African-American and Latino pastors (and ministry leaders) seem to be not a part of a lot of these types of discussions or participants in popular Christian events (Catalyst, Passion, etc.). Is there a way in which to broaden the discussions even more to figure out ways to break down those (racial/ cultural/ socioeconomic)divisions in our fractured Christian culture?

Great question. And you are so right. I struggle with diversity at all of my events, and when I was at Catalyst, we struggled with it there too.

Not just African Americans but also Asian Americans, Latinos and women.

The theology, the message, the influence and the price tag have to be right. And once that's determined, they have to say yes.

So we really have extended the invitations. But a person has to agree to come. Lots of rejections.

It doesn't feel right to list those who said no to appear at this event in the context of this blog...


Thanks so much for responding! That all makes sense. I was having a conversation with a staff member at my church (Cross Point) yesterday about how congregations tend to "look" a lot like the staff. It seems like for most churches, that's okay with them. I tend to like to shake things up a bit more, challenge our over comfortable paradigms :-)

I know for me it is one of the reasons why it is important for me to serve and be visible as a black female at the churches I attend- it brings a level of comfort and inclusiveness that makes other people of color know that they are welcome. It's no different than how at NCC we really integrated our homeless brothers and sisters into the life of the church- so that others know that they were fully welcome to worship with us.

I suppose it's going to take more people of color stepping up and onto some of the teams creating the events- being bridge builders so to speak. That will require a desire for cooperation from everyone.

Ultimately it's all about advancing the cause of Christ and Him being glorified. I just tend to think true unity in the entire body of Christ is one way to do that in a greater way.

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