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Welcome to West Michigan, Ben. I hope you are enjoying this lovely morning...

It was hard to watch anybody in Eat, Pray Love.

And, I completely shut down when coaches would go all Bobby Knight on me.

I've got to agree with Dan...I turned the movie off, because I couldn't stand it anymore. Not Julia Roberts at her best... :(

And, as far as coaches and all that, I need tons and tons and tons of positive reinforcement. A verbal undressing, private or public, absolutely kills me. I'm noticing that my daughter is exactly the same way. I'm working on learning to parent her with this in mind. :)

Love me some Wednesday Morning run down.

My coach always put a fear into me, which made me play harder. Haven't had that kind of reinforcement in a long time.

I got your back Ben, I joined your team.

Too many wonderful folks launched Gifts of Water teams at the same time. Someone else got to me first. I love that I have seen this so many times in just 24 hours!

Typically I have been undone by verbal confrontations (which usually feel like assaults), but I am learning that if it is done in love and with grace that I can handle it. When done in love, the giver is trying to get to the root of the issue, and sometimes that takes digging in which can hurt. I still respond immensely better to encouragement and assistance in changing my perspectives.

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