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Ben, I would like to pray and fast about joining this great experience for Easter. Easter is the biggest day for us @ Praying for you my sweet friend. Please keep me posted. Thanks Larry

I'm drooling to be a part of this... just no church! GREAT idea!!!!!

The element of angels in our faith is one of mystery. So I love this idea.
I've never quite figured out why I love seeing graphics that have wings & feathers in them...just like the STORY graphics this year... so i really resonate with this post.
Can't wait to see the unfolding.

What a great pooling of resources! This could be huge and $12K is not too much to ask for some churches! Check out Nelson Searcy's ( take on investing in Easter. He suggests putting half of your promotional budget into that one day! Looking forward to hearing how this turns out! :-) Roland.

Ok, Ben - my interest is peaked.

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