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This may have been asked before, but why Chicago?

I'd love to hear your case for another city.

I'm with you...God's got something else in mind, and sometimes God has to force us to redirect because we would never do it on our own. Oh yeah, that and sometime God's trying to challenge me personally to make some uncomfortable changes (but I'm sure that's not the case here) ;)

1. 32 degrees all year.
2. As politically split as possible.
3. Need the story of a Savior badly as sports teams flounder.
4. More Target's than a person could dream of!

Please don't move it from Chicago. That city is like none about Story. Chicago's got one of the richest (hi)Stories ever!

If you need someone to help you scout venues, I'd be willing to give it a shot... (Never done it before in a city that big, but I'd be willing to help in any way I could!)

Ben, Chicago is fine by me. It's a great city. I was just asking about the history of the event and what made you choose Chicago.

Jay, I chose Chicago because...

1. I had strong relationships there, starting with Scott Hodge
2. It's a strongly theatrical city
3. It was a familiar conference going location for pastors across the US because of Willow
4. There is burgeoning creative class in Chicago that's going largely unrecognized because of Atlanta's influence
5. Willow stopped doing its Arts Conference
6. Catalyst didn't have an offering there, and I didn't want to make my former employer mad
7. When my dad was in college he drove buses in Chicago during the summers, so there must be something in my blood
8. I've sufficiently built a large creative and volunteer base after two years, which is a very difficult rebuild in another city
9. I've branded the event StoryChicago

Praying for God's favor for you. Amazing to watch from a distance all that God is enabling and using you to do for the Kingdom. Appreciate you and thanks for mentoring me through your blog. You seem to always say something that causes me to keep thinking and to challenge the process.

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