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i rode a mongoose from 1980 to 1984. 1986 I was all about being a baby and michael least that is what my dad told me, I was only a couple months old.

Ben, you are seriously the man. You had to have seen the movie Rad right? All time best BMX movie. My brothers and I had bikes that we would jump off the curbs and steps at the AA building down the road from our house. And since we lived on a 5 acre hobby farm we had enough room for my dad to bring in a couple loads of dirt and build us some table tops, hills and berms to ride on. Great memories!

i knew i liked you guys =)

i had dennis mccoy posters all over my room back then. saved up my money and bought a dyno compe like this:

built sweet ramps with my friends.

ahh, that was fun.

Thanks for the flash back. I raced a black and red Kuwahara and remember the kid with the all chrome Hutch. Maybe I'll build my son a P.K. Ripper with Redline cranks and Bullseye hubs (that was my dream bike)

Ben: Danny MacAskill is Scottish - I hope he doesn't beat you up for calling him Irish. ;-)

when I was a teenager I raced BMX bikes all over the east coast!

and I did a little bit of street riding at the skatepark and dirt jumps!

My respect level for you just increased. I've heard it said that real men wear pink but you've raised the bar. Real men ride pink bikes.

I never got into tricks but did race BMX on a dirt track for a few years but then moved on to racing go-carts.

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