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This is a great stuff. Thanks for saying this.
I was always told to stop complaining, but the reason I complained was because I wanted to bring about the problem and help others see it or for that matter just talk about it. I have never heard anyone tell me this before, this opens up a lot. Not that I can just be a complainer, but that the reason I complain is because I see something that God has called me to see.

Well said Ben. This should affirm and encourage many people to begin to effect where they are today... not just look for the next (or better) thing.

Spot on man. There's no point trying, without success mind you, to shut off that mechanism within that makes us passionate about the good and bad of certain things. It bothers us for a reason.

Love this! Finally I have justification and a purpose for my complaining.

Oh boy, did this affirm me today.

ouch that one hurt Ben!

This encouraged me as well. In my last post, I was called out due to my frustration level. Looking back, I was seeing things clearly, but did not have to permission to lead out of the situation.

Now, I'm no longer there!

Wow, new to your site Ben, but I really love this - I've never thought about it that way, but you're right on. Thank you.

I'm taking this to the Board I serve on. Fantastic perspective, and very timely for where we're at.

Coders I know keep a "hate.txt" file when working with various frameworks or web tools. I wrote a big "hate" list when I started using ProPresenter 3 - those turned into constructive criticisms, filed bugs, and me learning how to work with those things.

love.txt! =)

Well said. Makes me think of one of my authors books "The No Complaining Rule." It's not about canceling complaining but rather doing away with mindless complaining and replacing it with complaining that leads to solutions and results.

These three videos trip me out:

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