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I'm so happy right now i could cry. I remember telling Brewster about what music I had been listening to...just my own worship leaders from church...but I wasn't telling him anything new... he had already been hooked and then proceeded to tell me about them coming to Story. I was FLOORED.

...and then a few months later, the windows moment during "All the Poor".... No words.

Ben, thanks for taking a chance on an obscure little unknown worship duo. :)

"All The Poor and Powerless" was the 1 song that poured into our souls during Story and has remained a song of worship for us like no other - thank you Ben for allowing them an opportunity to bless us beyond words!

I'm so thankful you shared the discovery. You allowed all of us to feel like we were discovering them, as well. :)

it's only just beginning for them...

I am so glad you shared them with us. I have been singing their song ever since. The moment when the curtain rolled back was one of the most meaningful moments I have ever experienced in worship. So simple and yet so profound. Love their raw energy! Sons and Daughters has that rare quality of engaging and representing their generation without isolating the older generation. What a great experience for us all!

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