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Great post. I've pretty much come to the same conclusion. It's as freeing to realize what your gifts are not, as much as what they are.

great post Ben. now more than ever before, i have grown to find comfort in going second.

leading from behind is a lost art.

shift the thinking from production vs. artist to accumulation vs. deployment and you are onto a really big idea that is starting to take root all around us!

Great questions -- very helpful and challenging to think through.

Things that make you go hmmm. Fantastic questions.

You might've been the first person to plant this into my brain through past blog posts. The other day I was thinking about a certain God given dream of mine and wished it were simpler, as in something that comes naturally to me that I could do on my own and have done in like 3 months. Then I started to wonder if God gives us certain crazy, beyond ourselves dreams to 1.obviously remind us who that dream belongs to and who ultimately makes it come to pass 2. assure that it is something that i, as a single person, cannot do on my own and therefore pushes me into community, with the many "artists" who are naturally a million times better than i could ever be in certain areas, and humility.
"Are you committed to the success of your vision enough to produce someone else's gift for a greater result?" writing it down on and putting it next to my computer.
Thanks, Ben.

so what if you are the producer instead of the artist? Can you make a "living" doing that without being an artist first?

you know, i thought about this a bit during STORY (though not in as formulated and as eloquent words). and my conclusion was this: you did that brilliantly at STORY. it was undeniably evident.

Great question. I'm in the process of planting a church now and I thought I was going to be the artist, maybe the main artist, but now God is moving me into the producer role and a minor artist role. It's exciting and completely unexpected. I really have no idea how it's going to work out, but it's also a relief too. Others are buying into, contributing to, and leading in pushing the vision forward.

Definitely weeping and gnashing of teeth! This means we have to let some dreams die for others to be born.

I spent YEARS dreaming of being a lead announcer in radio. I felt the dream was coming to a reality when I spent over 6 years working in radio, the last 3 of which were at a large market, award-winning station.

I'll never forget the two particular days that I experienced though... the first when the producer said that I wasn't good enough... and another when I felt God say to me that He was calling me into something else-- that would ultimately fulfill me & serve the Kingdom too.

Hard post to read... but a good one.


I'm naturally a producer. Have know it for a long time... However I am also an artist but I'm letting my craft develop for a future showing. : )

karaoke? =)

That or a mean banjo pickin'

I love this. Sometime ago realized I am a turns my crank to empower others or give them a platform.

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