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One of them is a real deviant. Right Justin? :)

Another one I recognize is Jerry Miner. I don't know him, but will have a chance to connect with him at the Catalyst Bloggers Meetup Wednesday evening.


what a minute... how many Tavianos are there??

Whoa, whoa, whoa....isn't the blond chick from the soap opera I used to schedule my college classes around?!

And I'm wondering why Matt Bortmess isn't the one holding the crack pipe, er, I mean...Diet Coke

Sam DuRegger is beautiful but the shameless Diet Coke plug...

Iowa is so well represented! Love those 3 guys.

Kate Schmidgall!!! I know someone famous:)

Matt Bortmess. My homie down the street.

Cy, twas a shameless plug... I'm hoping to get an endorsement deal from diet coke with these photos ;-)

or at least a free 24 pack.

thinking about using this tagline: "Why drink Redbull when there's Diet Coke."

Oh my word! How did Tug Taviano track me down! Just remember buddy - I have more stories to tell on you than you do on me.

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