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As an attendee, I didn't feel like I was being sold anything. And looking back I realize that there was never an "us and them" culture that so many other conferences and sponsorships have. This is a win for everyone. 
Plus the sponsors at story brought something relevant to the table to help the creative class. It wasn't just random church stuff. 
Katie definitely rocked the house. She was ON IT. 
And since I drove her to Chicago I ended up lucking out with getting my own Story mug, too (shh, don't tell anyone).

Can't wait for Story 2011.

Proctor, we're sending somebody for that mug. =) j/k Thanks for this. Katie was a superstar.

Ben - as part of one of the sponsor teams (Logos), I can say that your team was one of the best I have ever worked with at a conference. The mug was awesome, but not as awesome as Katie and everyone else who helped out. It truly was an amazing conference in all regards.

Bobby it was GREAT to work with you and Logos - one of the highlights was hearing how the experience impacted you. Thanks again.

Ben, thanks for writing on this aspect of STORY. We're sponsor-driven in our city-festival ministry here at, and this has got me thinking: how could serving our sponsors in the local city more effectively make the ministry more effective after we leave?

Katie, glad to see you rock the house in your new role. Congrats! Proctor, show us the mug!

As a sponsor at the event ( can say that the hospitality from you and your staff was exemplary. The entire conference was a great success. Thanks for a fantastic time!

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