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Will you post a follow up as to how these talks were received? I would love to know what the feedback was like!

Thanks for sharing.

Wesley's talk touched a lot of people. He's a gay Christian but believes in the biblical view of abstinence. We had one irate attendee who wrote me a 'lovely' response, but I think everyone else really appreciated it.

Richard did a fantastic job in his interview. He was asked one question and pretty much took it from there. =)

I am thankful that you had such a diverse group of speakers. That is part of why I attend conferences. It gives me perspective outside of my normal environment, and helps me to grow and open my heart and mind. Part of what I walked away from Story with was the growing awareness of how we are unique and bring incredible gifts to the world when we share those. I am very grateful!

Yet another reason I wish I had been there :-(

Next year ;-)

loved this. thanks.

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