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Check out a restaurant called The Standard or the Frist Center (art museum). The Standard's in this old house (I think the only house left standing in downtown Nashville). I also believe every menu item has bacon in it. Not sure if they have a meeting room, but it's a cool place.

Frist Center may have a meeting room too.

Last month Jason and I stayed at
Hotel Indigo Nashville - West End and i was totally impressed with the style of the hotel. trendy meets not gaudy. perfect.
Also, if you go to Nashville, you MUST go to Prince's Hot Chicken. You will wait a LONG time for your food and it is in the "wrong side of town" but it is an absolute MUST.

thanks for the Nash tips. Hope they keep coming...

Gabby's burgers and fries. Incredible. (Incredible story as well.)

to clarify... i'm looking for meeting locations

Ben, for your meeting check out this hotel, it's a beautifully restored train depot.

Theres always Rocketown. =)

I use to be in contact with the manager there... but haven't spoken with him in a while.

Then again, theres Smitty's house.


--Terrace Crawford

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