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i was impressed that you did it all, seemingly in one take (unless i missed a cut somewhere) without notes and without killing anyone including yourself. hats off sir. and, btw, i was really irritated that they asked so many people AND solicited additional volunteer entries knowing full well they had too many to start with. your time is more valuable than that. and i also agree that they have way too many pastors and not enough outside folks. need more diversity.

maybe you are Carlos didn't make the cut because you are wearing almost identical shirts, and i've heard that they were already over the blue-gray v-neck limit.

@Mark - Please don't get me started on needing more diversity. I appreciate you bringing out that point. And just so that I am clear, when I say diversity I mean industry, gender, age, sex, race, culture and any other category I did not name.

@Ben - You should have done it walking along the beach. Did anyone do that?

I don't know much about the Nines conference, but I followed the links to the page of feature videos from speakers:

And they're ALL dudes. All of 'em. Did the gals not step up, or was not a single one selected to speak?

Oh man. Rookie error. Writing this one down...

I was impressed by your knee driving skills. But seriously thanks for challenging us to find front line opportunities for business people in our churches.

Ev i have a hard time calling people 'daddy' but that's funny

Ben, glad someone actually listened to the content =)

I think the reason we continue to see a division between lay and pro ministry is because we continue to promote the "rock star" role of lead pastor. I think we are all called to be priests. 1 Peter 2:9

The only thing that I can think of is that teachers/pastors are held to high standard when it comes to how they use their gift. They are warned not to lead astray. my 2 cents

i enjoyed the talk so much that I posted it on our Mission Igniter blog and Fb feeds.

Ben, were you being towed? If not... both hands on the wheel sir... HA!

But GREAT content. Loved it. Glad I actually got to hear you speak...


terrace, i'm telling you, it's a gift. no hand driving while delivering a talk... =)

You got rejected because you actually referenced the Bible. Many, many, many of the nines videos failed to do so.

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