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I was watching the trailer for Social Network: right as I saw the quote above, and was thinking wouldn't it be ironic if Zuckerberg ended up being the reason people eventually abandoned Facebook.

Its interesting to see how "success" of a dream can change you. I am sure at the time he was thinking that he just had a bunch of info of people from harvard and how dumb they were, but once the dream changed and he realized the potential his integrity all of a sudden changed and grew. Funny how big dreams and success changes your character for the good or the bad.

But Kyle, shouldn't the character come first?!

Ben, do you believe that everyone's fully-formed dream will be an inspiration to 1000s? This is something that I've been asking for months- do some people just dream small? Or have they just lost the ability to dream big?

Exactly Jay, I guess the tongue and cheek of my comment didn't translate. Basically what I was saying is it strikes me as funny that in the beginning his character didn't matter, but once he and facebook got big he had to develop his character.
Some call it immaturity and I am sure there is some truth in that, but I often wonder if we need dreams to come true so we can develop in our character or does character need to be developed before our dreams come true?

i'm finding that integrity goes a long way...i have convos weekly with some who look to promote themselves or their brand, i'm all for that. but i'm not looking to grow "the guy with the hat image" anymore than it is...and once you get to the size of the dream, there's a lot more to manage and you have to work harder to keep focused. we need to reshape our funnels constantly...for me...i want to be on a smaller, narrower funnel and help others on the larger side.

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