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I've been slowly working to trim down my own in much of the same way. It's a slow, slow, slow process, but I'm trying.

Of course I also use Tweetdeck to filter out those 20 people that I really follow on twitter, so that helps.

I hope I make the cut :)

hey - if you lose them, that will save you some clicks, right? ;-)

I follow almost everyone that follows me, but I use Twitter lists to trim that down to people that I actually read on a daily basis. It's easy now that every Twitter app supports lists.

kyle, that's the thing. By following over a thousand people, I have rarely, if ever, seen a tweet by you.

and chris, you're a kind soul for affirming your followers. do you actually read through all your lists? or are they in essence dumping grounds?

well I guess thats okay.
Don't really know how to respond in a way that does not sound"you are missing out" or "bummer for you"

But I can understand the noise. That is why I follow about 400 people and use list in seesmic that help a lot.
Not only that, if I followed more people I think I would truly become an addict because I am addicted to the conversation and interaction.

that's why i'm cutting

I actually did this a while ago. Cut it back to 150. Why 150? Dunbar's number. Read the Tipping Point if you haven't already. Fascinating. But it's has greatly increased my interactions via Twitter. Highly recommend it.

Also, my apologies, Ben. I recently cut you to follow your pastor. But I still subscribe. :)


ben, for the precise reasons you've stated here, i keep my facebook friend list at 500. it requires difficult choices sometimes, but it enhances my interactions.

(i use facebook instead of twitter because most of the people in my circles are a bit technologically regressed...)

Above all, Ben, you have to use a system that works for YOU. So I applaud you for working hard to do that.

It's true in my case that by following 2,600-plus people, most tweets from any single one of those are *aren't* likely to get seen by me. But that's OK, because I really view Twitter more as a place to dip in and dip out, responding to the tweets that happen to interest me at the time I'm there.

And hey, if we get cut from your list but still want to get your attention, we can always use the @ function!

thanks for making it easy derek

Love it Ben. I'm also in the process of evaluating social media and it's effect on me. Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and News sites soak up way too much of my time. It's like having 100 tv monitors all in one room... filled with people you know or like what they do... it's hard not to just stare and watch. The problem is that almost nothing gets accomplished... At least for me.

Earlier today I was researching how to deactivate my Facebook account. I'm actually a tad frightened to do so. Weird.

Rob, if you've read Linchpin by Godin, his disdain for twitter is pretty evident.

Cool list. Mine would be, If I look at your tweets and think "who the heck is that?" then cut ;-)

Do you follow John Mayer? He has thousands but still some of the funniest tweets ever. I like humor.

I have a bad habit of unfollowing during high tension political seasons because a lot of my friends are ultra conservative and I get so ticked..butthen I refollow them during slow political times. Yes, I'm inmature in that way, such is I.

Twitter is a fun new toy we are all learning to navigate..good times.

I noticed this several months ago in my life as well.

Trimming the fat is necessary. Honestly do we not have a thousand other things we could be doing than keeping tabs on strangers? Really.

Not that you need any feedback but I say bravo. In a world that information is crammed in from every angle, I say why spoon feed ourselves. Less is essentially more.

I'll admit it can be a bit crazy at times but for me, in what I do, following almost all has proven to be beneficial. May not be for everyone but it works for me.

I use lists and use Tweetdeck for sorting and making the most efficient use of it. When I follow someone I usually add them to a list based on their profile data or something I know about them. I also have two primary lists for REAL FRIENDS (people I know offline) and KEY CONTACTS (people I want to follow closer). I pay attention to these two lists regularly BUT I do glance at the others periodically. If I see someone saying something of value then I move them to a list that I watch more closely and move to developing the relationship.

Built a lot of offline friendships that started online this way. Friendships and business deals.

I kind of liken it to a party. I'm here to meet new people, not just stay in the same circle but there's nothing wrong with creating tighter, more intimate circles either. :)

ben, dont cut me. I like to use twitter to communicate. I follow real people who follow me. I use lists to create easy to follow tribes of people based on certain things (my Ateam, CP staff, volunteers, etc) lists make it possible to manage the masses. I keep my lists private so i can manage them how I want. You are on my A team. ;)

One of the pluses of Twitter is that it DOESN'T require reciprocal following. @Brewster: Even if Ben doesn't follow you, you can still follow his updates and keep him on YOUR A team! You wouldn't be able to DM him, but he would still see your @ messages.

I've realized I'm more of a blog person than a Twitter person. I want to think a little more. (Not a lot. Let's be honest, it's still a blog).

But I've found Twitter to be amazing in connecting me with people in college student affairs where I'm working. So there are fields and niches where it's working, I think. But not so much as a big "gather everyone and broadcast what you're eating" service.

love this, Ben. we all have to find a way to cut through the noise otherwise the technology is just using us. for me the key is not only interaction but expanding the interaction beyond twitter. doesn't mean i will do that with everyone i meet in that "space" but i try to be intentional about taking the online offline. I also try to be intentional about "getting to know" twitter peeps i interact with regularly but whom i haven't met offline via their blogs or other online presence when possible. for me that adds more context and meaning to the interaction/conversation on twitter.

I actually do read through my lists. I keep it at around 150, so it's not too many to stay up with. I browse through the "all" timeline about once a week.

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