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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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Good stuff, Ben. Really, really good. Most people never go there, because it's too hard. The truth is, most people never finish what they start. I'll look forward to seeing the completed product and hearing about what you learn along the way.

and there I was just down the street with all my film school books and had no idea :)

As a dad & the son of a dad who set me up for success, this post made me overflow with gratitude for my Dad's diligence & faithfulness in busting out of the status quo, & it made me really take a look at the areas where I have been drifting towards comfort instead of fighting for something greater for my family & myself. I feel like you cut the wick in half & lit it at the same time! Thanks.

Loved this man. I am not the son of a prince and understand that being one has strengths and real drawbacks.

Ultimately, I love the struggle of having to breakthrough without the help of a legacy.

Proud of you and everyone else chasing their dreams.

Cannot wait to share something legitimately huge we are working on.

Such a great post Ben.

Your insight is always unique and so treasured. Even your "weekly rundowns" speak volumes.

Carry on!

you guys rock. thanks for reading... and commenting. Made my day

Congrats Ben. Excited for you and excited to hear / see what the feature film will be about. Had a weird feeling something BIG was up when I emailed the other day. :)

This is my favorite blog post of 2010. Thanks for your friendship and kingdom leadership. Keep helping leaders dream!

This was an amazing post Ben. Fantastic thoughts and encouragement here. I spent part of my evening tonight explaining to a friend why I would drive to Chicago and back in a 24 hour span for you. After reading this, I couldn't email him the link fast enough.

You are setting the pace for dozens of dreamers. We are all incredibly grateful.

fantastic post Ben - thanks for crafting it. I'm feasting on it and will be for a while


good thoughts, Ben.
As a son of a pastor who is now a pastor with a son, i think about this all the time. i was just pointing out to my children the other day some of the benefits we receive because of what i do.

i wonder however, if you might make some observations about the other side. what are the challenges to being a prince? and how do we enable our children to meet those challenges?

Great, great stuff. Thanks for taking this one outside of the circle of trust and letting us read it. Wow. I'll be chewing and praying on this one for a while.

wow, ben. thank you for blogging this. i so value this extra glimpse into your heart. such richness here...

thanks for sharing this. Love it.

and I can't wait for more on your movie.

Hey Ben
its Fathers day in Australia on Sunday and you've just helped with some of the finishing touches for my sermon. Good work

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