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Ben - you are dead on with this - even out of office replies that are impersonal drive me crazy -


There is someone that I work for that is the king of this, but I wont name names.
He replies with one word answers or :) all the time.
How do I know what that even means?

I usually try to pretend like I am talking in person as I write emails.
Maybe this is why google buzz died, because it is more like twitter then actual an email exchange?

Great post.

As Dale would also recommend 'Smile' but this is tricky to do on an email and I don't think he meant this :)

Or perhaps he did?

I love this - I so often hear the opposite. Keep it short. Don't waste people's time. Use one sentence. It's interesting to think of it the other way. If you need something quick, pick up the phone. Otherwise, give it a little finesse.

Though I'm still going to send short replies to those coworkers who I see every day and email about 20 times daily!

there's a social order to emailing. One person has the "upper hand" so to speak. But it sure is refreshing when true humility is expressed

Great reminder Ben!

There is truth being spoken here. :)

Yes. Communication is important--fill it with grace! See it as an opportunity, not drudge work. A generous email can make someone's day if you're open to it.

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