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Ben, can you tease this out a little? I'm not sure what you mean by "the priests could be warriors".

That they could be entrepreneurs, business owners... The point is that there is no loss of honor by moving from priest to entrepreneur. If there is, then the royal priesthood is a farce.

i'd love to see you unpack this a bit. i know every metaphor falls apart at some point, but... isn't the point of the curtain ripping symbolic of the end of the aaronic priesthood, not a transition of the priesthood?

it is a curious analogy, though, and i will definitely be mulling it over (as i have since yesterday when you mentioned it).

I see it as the beginning of the priesthood of every believer. It gave access to the holy of holies to every person, whether business owner, entrepreneur, attorney.

But I don't stop there. I think the access goes both ways. It made business a viable activity for priests. Now that their job was open season, they could be free to pursue commerce. Why not?

There was a huge barrier for me to cross as a pastor into becoming an entrepreneur. But it was mental, not theological. I'm still a minister, just not occupationally.

This is blowing my mind, and answering questions I've been struggling with.

Powerful and probably a perfect illustration for the life of Mr. Arment.

Warriors and Priest coexist and can be one in the same.

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