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Brilliant! I'm in.

Cant wait to get ur files Chad

This sounds fantastic! Just have a few questions.

1. Do we need to sing based on a certain arrangement? Like John Mark's on his latest release?
2. Can females enter by adding harmony lines or are you only wanting the melody?
3. Do you only want video recorded on an iSight camera or can we record using regular cameras?


Hey Ryan,
1. if you sing to the guitar bed provided, you'll be golden

2. Anyone can sing harmony. But need a dedicated audio file and a dedicated video file

3. you can use any video camera

I'm not musically gifted, but I can sure sing my heart out when I've got ear plugs in. :)

You can decide whether or not to include it.

Awesome... On the lyric sheet there is a 3rd verse but not on Mcmillan's single. Do you want the 3rd verse?

What a great idea! Would love to see this done in a church setting. I can imagine four weeks of gripping stories where people share their journey of triumph. Then the four individually sing "How He Loves Me" and it is brought together into one master video.

Gina, sorry for the confusion. This is a bit messy. Can you tell what's accommodated on the guitar bed I've provided?

No problem...since it's a cut and paste type of project it's all good! We'll just see what the Lord makes of it! Thanks

thanks for participating Gina

This is gonna be great, I can't wait to do this

nice blog Josh. great layout

Just sent my submission! Thanks for the opportunity!

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