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Guy Kawasaki said to fire the same tweet at different times throughout the day to reach different people.

OK. I agree :)

How do people know you unfollowed them? I mean, do they get an email or are they keeping tabs on their followers list? Strange. I have to unfollow when my feed gets clogged with items that never interest me or constant promotion. I like to stay informed but I don't like to be nagged.

But I have had positive/productive communication with "strangers" on Twitter that I never would have had in person - kind of a trade off, I guess.

Felicity, points out the culprits in living color

Bob, you can tell a Kawasaki disciple by their repetition

Bob, you can tell a Kawasaki disciple by their repetition

Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning.
Wisdom, insight, laughter...thanks.

Ben, you are so exactly right, on every point.

Now, I think I'll tweet this URL every two hours, so that all my different audiences will read and reform!

I just like how each bullet point had a twitter feel of 140 characters to it. Great subliminal messaging.

I personally stil love twitter but do see the problem with unfollowing people. Now I will say it is a little different for me then you. I know if you unfollow me I will be offended because I might think that you think you are better then me or that I do not matter, but if I unfollow you, well you probably will not even notice.
I really think it comes down to the person that is being unfollowed. The personal connection that they make either with a friend or a blogger that is well known is the reason why being unfollowed hurts.
Like the seth godin tone i took on all of that :)

(Sigh) Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. Both over-rated if you ask me. (As is Twitter)

(Sigh) Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. Both over-rated if you as me. (As is Twitter)

Yes. I primarily believe that Seth Godin is Tom Peters 2.0, which is to basically go out saying 'Be extraordinary' and 'Build tribes' with little to no substance and no actual detailed help for those who would like to do so....especially on a budget.

Seems like a great guy, but seriously. The internet. My how shallow it often seems. (Not that I don't see how that happens. And not that I'm not guilty myself. There's only so much we can do in 140 characters and Facebook updates. ;-) )

I dig real life too. However, I will say I've had the social media life cross over into real life and vice versa and that's been a wonderful experience. But overall, I prefer real life. ;-)




@BenArment: Let me offer a differ way of looking at Twitter that might help.

* I follow 2,600 people, but I certainly don't make an attempt to read all of their tweets. That would be impossible, overwhelming, and not very productive. I just "dip in, dip out" and respond and react to what's in my stream when I'm looking there.

* I'd recommend using a tool like TweetDeck or Seesmic, which allows you to create groups of people whose tweets you want to see more of. For example, I have a group of "Top Peeps," another group of folks in my town of Austin, a stream of just my co-workers, etc. For example, why not create a group or list of STORY speakers, so you can get a flavor of just what they're talking about leading up to the event?

* Set up searches for specific phrases/hashtags etc. For example, when I'm at STORY this year, I could have a hashtag search running (BTW, what IS the STORY hashtag?) so that I can easily interact with others tweeting about the event.

* I don't even mind that I'm following a bunch of people that I don't know that well (or at all)l, because there's beauty in "serendipity." That tweet from a fellow #RedSox fan or dad whom I've never met could spark a new creative thought, friendship, or business relationship.

P.S. I'm not a fan of Guy's approach to Twitter, either, but ... it works for him. And I just don't follow him, so I never have to see his updates!

And I just don't follow him, so I never have to see his updates! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Ben - love your blog. One of the first that I check on my feeds - just a step behind Seth Godin :) Actually I check yours far more often b/c yours is so easy to read. I have to save Seth Godin's for when I have more time to focus. Long time reader/subscriber first time to comment.

Couldn't agree more re: Guy. I could only follow him for a few weeks before the spam got to me.

Nice to hear from you Tim. Thanks for the kind words

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